Through Koo2 (Cooperation 2 °C), green start ups have the opportunity to enquire about the extent of greening potential their companies should provide. Their portofolios must be deemed green enough to allow customers to reduce their carbon footprint and reach their 2 °C compatibility. By doing so, Koo2 partners increase their visibility and offer possibilities for customers searching for solutions towards transitioning into a 2 °C world.


On 4 November, 2015, the Paris Climate Convention officially entered into force.


A few days later the German government – member of the COP21 – discussed how it would adapt its “Climate Protection Plan 2050" to the requirements of the Paris Climate Convention. The initial statutory regulations are expected in 2018 , which should also set sufficient decarbonisation in motion for Germany to fit a 2 °C scenario. 


In this context, a growing number of companies are undertaking ambitious, so-called Science-Based Targets ("SBT"). The resulting information will help identify the extent to which the company's business model is compatible with a 2 °C-scenario.

Top 10 countries and industries committed to science based targets:

Voices on setting SBT

"[…] we are now fully prepared for more demanding environmental laws. We are perfectly aligned with the ParisClimate Agreement. We are prepared for the future and aligned with political norms ." 
Dorothée Bernier, Sustainable Development Manager bei Thalys

"[...]science-based targets clearly helps us getting to the next level. It also means we have become more ambitious. We have a much more structured approach to reaching the target."  

Galya Tsonkova, Environment Manager bei Coca Cola HBC

Koo2: SBT for Young Green companies

Start-ups are also responding to the growing demand for low-emission technologies and services. Green business models introduce products and services to a market intended to assist and promote the decarbonisation of the economy.  


One of the biggest challenges for young green companies is to understand whether their technologies and business models have the chance to meet the emission reduction targets their customers have set for themselves.


Koo2 partners is conformed by a group of young companies with innovative products and services that are in line with a low-emission economy. Within the scope of this cooperative project, they are developing competences, which enable them to meet the requirements of  2 °C world, and thus allowing business to develop into this direction.


Specifically, Koo2 partners will be able to measure and demonstrate that they do not merely contribute to slowing down climate change. Instead, they want to demonstrate that their efforts will contribute to control temperature rises to a limit of 2 °C.


These research partners will further develop familiar methods for setting SBT and making them fit and able to respond to their specific concerns. In addition to working on the central research question, an accompanying research on contextual questions will be also carried out. The Koo2- partners meet on a regular basis over a year in Frankfurt am Main.


Koo2 partners aspire to:

  1. develop and document a method for setting SBT, which can be used in a standardized way to describe the compatibility of companies with green portafolios with their customers aiming at reducing their emissions in line with  a 2 °C.
  2. prepare a report, which summarizes and shares the results of the accompanying research.
  3. create a platform enabling green companies to meet their customers demands by providing solutions for the challenges brought upon the 2 °C compatibility topic.