Central Research Question for Koo2

Koo2 partners aspire to  measure and demonstrate that they do not merely contribute to slowing down climate change.

 They  ratherly aspire to demonstrate that their efforts will contribute to controling temperature rises to a limit of 2 °C.



In which way must existing methods for setting SBT advance in order for them to assist companies with green portfolios to further their economic development?


Accompanying research questions:

First Question:

Can a collective of diverse start-ups set common science-based emissions targets? If so, under what conditions? What obstacles exist and how can they be overcome?

Second Question:

Do common science-based emissions standards help a start-up to define and pursue its own climate targets? If yes, how?

Third Question:

Which metrics and indicators are currently appropriate, supportive, and meaningful for start-ups when implementing science-based emissions targets?


Fourth Question:

Which emissions data collection format makes sense for start-ups wishing to report science-based targets from the beginning of their emissions management?